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child labour

th Nick Abrams moved to London from Somerset in 1962, and with the help of his sister found a job with Frances Edwards, an antiquarian bookseller in Marylebone High Street. Also employed was Harry Gager a bookbinder specialising in restoration work. He showed Nick the basics and an interest was born.


th The next step was going to college at The North West Polytechnic to learn fine binding before working on his own, the date was 1963. He visited all the antiquarian booksellers in London and soon found himself some regular customers, some we still have today.

He stayed in London for ten more years before moving back to Somerset and setting up a bindery in the family home.

more child labour

th Wife and children soon followed. Emily and Alexander spent a lot of their childhood on the workbench and decided that holding history, repairing it and reading it seemed like a great job.
Emily followed her father to the now renamed London College of Printing and Alexander went to The Guildford School of Communication. Each had two years of study with many inspiring teachers. Box making, designer bindings, forwarding and finishing were all studied. Qualifications were followed with a little fine tuning in the bindery at home


Emily looking busy

th The bindery moved in 2000 to an old woollen mill in Wellington. The bindery was in a wing designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel to be fireproof. The sole trader became a family business in 2001 when the partnership was formed.

At the beginning of 2015 the mill was redeveloped and so we move to a new purpose built studio nearby. We are now surrounded by beautiful countryside in a secure and practical bindery


th The work continues with many customers returning year after year and new customers turning up with treasured books of all ages and styles in need of care and attention.


The Abrams Bindery, Carriers Gate, Poleshill, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 0RX Tel: 07749 038515