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Paper Conservation

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  ttt The book in the photos had water staining to the top corner, near the spine. The book was taken apart page by page, and each sheet was placed in a bath of water with a gentle cleaning solution. This removed the stain and any mild foxing but does not impact on the printed text. Then the sheets were lightly toned and sized. After drying, the book can be rebound and returned to the customer.

ttt It is important that paper is sized after washing; the water will leach strength from the paper leaving it fragile and brittle. Sizing is a process that returns strength to paper after the cleaning process; the fibres of the paper absorb the liquid which gives them body. Equally important is that the chemicals used for sizing are compatible with with the paper and ink type. We make sure that after washing, our paper is ready to be bound, framed or as the customer requires.

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  ttt Washing can leave the paper looking whiter than other sheets in the book that have not been washed, or if all the pages have been washed, make the book unnaturally white for its age. We tone the paper down to a more suitable level using a substance to colour the paper. This is added to the sizing solution and is completely reversible.
ttt Rips and holes can then be repaired. We use Japanese repairing tissue or heat set tissue depending the type of paper to be repaired. This is a conservation grade process that is suitable for all paper types and can be virtually invisible to the naked eye.  
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